Friday, September 2, 2016

2008 ABT Audi R8

2008 ABT Audi R8
2008 ABT Audi R8 There are automobiles and dream automobiles. The latter includes Lamborghini's Gallardo, Ferrari's F430 or Porsche's 911 Turbo. These automobiles make your coronary heart beat quicker and show the perfected magic of speed at the roads. Abt Sportsline's R8 will also be among these awesome incredible sports activities motors and is getting ready to overtake them inside the status duel.

The layout research already display the first impressions of Abt's sportiest introduction - and prove that the Kempten-based totally tuner manages to ideal an wonderful serial model like the R8 to element and accentuate its racing genes already inside the drawing. The the front of the Bavarian R8 shows the marked Abt face. Together with the particular and exquisite rear with its 4 inclined arranged exhaust give up pipes, the rear diffuser and the extravagant rear wing, the the front of the Abt R8 is part of an overall idea that brings about phenomenal roadholding. The add-on elements of the great sports cars from the Allgäu-region improve downforce and make certain ideal balance of the front and rear axis. This is mainly first rate in pace stages reserved for only some vehicles. The sideblades which have been evolved mainly for the Abt R8 and the Abt facet skirts provide the Abt R8 a new and man or woman layout except aerodynamical blessings. The aerodynamically efficient Abt body kit, which additionally consists of carbon-fibre parts, is a real eye catcher however additionally indicates the contemporary Bavarian precision work. With the imaginitive production, which also consists of a carbon-fibre bonnet, no longer simplest a maximum discount in weight is executed but it additionally guarantees optimized weight distribution of the Abt R8 - the pure presence of the version athlete already suggests this.

Technology and layout milestones do not simplest come from Maranello or Sant'Agata-Bolognese however also from Kempten. The Abt R8 might be a gorgeous dream automobile with the genes of a top-class race automobile. This special vehicle will belong to one of the quickest some of the fastest; the Abt R8 may also task the Lamborghinis and Porsches. With regards to the anticipated performance information the Bavarians are historically discreet. But this statistics already amazes sports activities car fanatics and makes them want to spur the hot-blooded Bavarian horses. 530 HP (390 kW) are to be drawn from the 4.2 litre-V8 thanks to the Abt supercharger. Compared with the serial version which already indicates impressive performance records this means an increase of a hundred and ten HP (81 kW). The ultra-modern Abt 20-inch BR wheels stylishly switch this strength onto the asphalt. The all-wheel-power dream automobile speeds up from zero to one hundred km/h in only 3.9 seconds and reaches a top velocity of 317 km/h. These values are synonymous with magic and this super high-quality sports car desperately wants to be driven. By way of the Abt suspension that's adjustable in height, pressure and rebound, the overall performance and driving consolation of the extremely good sports activities car may be tailored flawlessly to the requirements of its driving force.

A dream car is becoming truth: In autumn the pinnacle-magnificence sports activities motors will have a new challenger as this is while the almost unrivalled speedy and uniquely stunning Abt R8 will become available.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2008 ABT Audi AS5

2008 ABT Audi AS5
2008 ABT Audi AS5 The new Audi A5 combines a sporty and an unobtrusive design to a effective, stylish and individual look. "A uniquely stunning automobile and for that reason a actual mission for us," says Hans-Jürgen Abt. The handling director of Abt Sportsline raved approximately the new Coupe from Ingolstadt, but he emphasizes that "our designers and engineers have been able to enhance the exceptional base model even greater". The man or woman of the noble sportscar nevertheless continues but after getting a unique remedy within the Allgaeu it seems greater dynamical. The frame package, specifically tailor-made for the Abt AS5, is a outstanding package: a front skirt with a grid element which emphasizes the singel-body grill and the fog lighting fixtures, the marginally curved, laterally hooked up frame parts and the smooth gill-shaped air-inlets, as well as the properly-proportioned rear. With the unobtrusive however hanging rear spoiler and the rear skirt inset in diffuser optics, the design of the Abt AS5 is gracefully rounded off. The four-pipe rear muffler is perfectly becoming and moreover recontoures the rear view. Needless to mention that the car sounds as a actual Abt vehicle must.

Even whilst standing still, the Abt AS5 is a sensual car, which eagerly desires to be driven. And when it's far allowed to head on the street, it indicates how tons sports spirit it has. First of all, the 3.Zero TDI engine gets a sizable "strength remedy". The extraordinarily powerful, self-igniting engine flawlessly suits to the A5 and, further, offers moderate consumption values. By method of progressed motor control, Abt turns the serial 240 hp (176 kW) into effective 272 hp (200 kW). With an additional Abt rapid charger, the strength even will increase to 300 nicely feeded horses. Diesel and sportiness belong collectively because lengthy. Certainly, Abt Sportsline will successively adjust later developed A5 engines.

To make sure a super managing of the noble strength package, Abt additionally makes use of its adjustable sports suspension, besides the serial Quattro engine. All the extra, the Abt AS5 could be introduced to a standstill through the Abt brake system with a disc diameter of 380 millimeters.

To flawlessly round off the successful optics package, Abt Sportsline recommends the AR wheel, that is available for the A5 inside the sizes from 18 to 20 inch, of direction collectively with suitable recreation tyres. Wheels, body additives and technical modifications construct a whole unit: a notable Coupe at its satisfactory. Not greater and now not less.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2007 ABT Audi TT

2007 ABT Audi TT
2007 ABT Audi TT With the Abt TT-R Abt Sportsline celebrated the most first-rate motor recreation victories within the season 2002. Hardly everyone changed into capable of beat the Abt TT-R. In 9 of the ten DTM races at least one of the Abt pilots clinched a podium function, and on the cease Laurent Aiello gained the DTM championship in the yellow Abt TT-R. Therefore it's far no surprise that the Abt group from Kempten has a unique relationship with "their" TT and it is a lucky coincidence that the second model of this sporty Audi version simply seems available on the market while the family corporation celebrates its a hundred and tenth corporation anniversary. At the equal time, this happenstance approach a project for Abt Sportsline - a project the group from Kempten meets through enhancing this remarkable sports activities car.

The new Audi TT is a model which already combines clarity and shape with present day technology in the serial car and therefore gives maximum riding pleasure. "This is the exceptional precondition we will imagine to best a car," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt, coping with director of Abt Sportsline - and provides convincing records:

The masterpiece inside the new Abt TT version variety is the Abt TT-R equipped with a VR6 3.2 ltr. Engine and a overall performance of 355 HP (262 kW). This excellent sports activities automobile offers real racing adventure for the roads. The Abt TT-R accelerates from standstill to one hundred km/h in five.1 seconds in comparison to the serial model that takes 5.Nine seconds.

In connection with the Abt TT-Sport fashions, the Bavarian crew has also exceptionally boosted the energy of the VR6 three.2 ltr. And 2.0 T-FSI engines . The Abt supercharger package and modifications of the motor management ensure that the three.2 ltr. 6-cylinder engine now plays 310 HP (228 kW) as opposed to the serial 250 HP (184 kW). The Abt engineers additionally did a very good process with the 2.0 TFSI engine. They upgraded the serial energy of 2 hundred HP (147 kW) to 270 HP (199 kW) with a maximum torque of 350 Nm (serial 280 Nm).

For the brand new 2-litre TT Abt also gives its modern intelligentSport-era. Specific changes of the motor control allow the Abt TT-iS to be fuelled with popular, excellent or superplus gasoline. The performance increases to as lots as 240 HP (177 kW) relying on the fuel excellent. More energy - much less thirst. With an additional Abt gearbox modification the fuel intake of the Abt TT-iS may be decreased by means of up to 4 litres.

Besides the power boost, the changed layout of the Abt TT models changed into one of the most crucial factors. In this connection Abt Sportsline has advanced unique frame styling components that make the TT a actual eye-catcher speaking electricity and dynamics. With an included grille detail, the front skirt emphasizes the place around the fog lighting fixtures and single-body grille in order that the face of the Abt TT turns into even more aggressive and marked. The lateral frame styling elements continue the dynamical frame language and lead at once to the extravagant rear with rear skirt inset and rear wing. In contrast to the filigree serial element the Abt rear wing can not be folded however is a part that is firmly integrated into hatchback. The end result isn't simplest a racier design; it also brings about greater downforce. The four-pipe rear muffler is the of completion that perfectly harmonizes with the black rear skirt inset and rear diffuser. To round off the striking ordinary optical design, Abt Sportsline recommends the nineteen-inch wheels AR19 and SP1 with tyres sized 255/35 ZR 19.

What is more, Abt has additionally covered a special suspension kit and suspension springs in its product range as a way to meet the demands of the power improve and modified design.

The new Abt TT with its splendid riding overall performance and frame styling has the whole thing a winner wishes.

Abt TT engine models:

  • VR6 three.2 K - 355 HP (262 kW) - Abt TT-R
  • VR6 3.2 K - 310 HP (228 kW) - Abt TT-Sport
  • 2.Zero T-FSI - 270 HP (199 kW) - Abt TT-Sport
  • 2.0 T-FSI - 240 HP (177 kW) - Abt TT-iS

Thursday, June 16, 2016

2006 ABT Audi Q7

2006 ABT Audi Q7
2006 ABT Audi Q7 Abt Sportsline's presentation of the tuned version of the Audi Q7 coincides with the income release of the multifunctional sports activities vehicle from Ingolstadt

Combined revel in: For 25 years Audi has been manufacturing all-wheel pushed automobiles and the successful Kempten-based totally company Abt Sportsline has been upgrading vehicles for simply as long. In the Abt Q7 the know-how of both groups is blended in a automobile that meets highest demands.

It is extra than an insignificant successor of the legendary Quattro: The Audi Q7 is the appropriate car for every possibility, because it not most effective is appropriate for all terrains, however a convincingly comfy automobile for travelling lengthy journeys on the identical time. Since the Q7 innately is a real all-rounder, it proves to be an ideal tuning version. Once once more Audi materials the precise foundation for Abt Sportsline's professionals. The vehicle was optically and technically upgraded without converting its feature features.

At first glance the Abt Q7 seems brawnier than its unique counterpart which is specially because of the fender extensions lending the vehicle a extra effective look. You can tell that it without difficulty masters difficult terrains. The rear wing completes its harmonious appearance and ensures that the Abt Q7 in no way loses wheel grip. By approach of a -colored contrasting paint in white aluminium on the marked front skirt, the elegant rear skirt and facet skirts, the Abt SUV well-knownshows itself as an distinctive cruiser. The car aspects are eye-catching due to the lateral white aluminium insets which provide the Abt Q7 unmistakeable functions and dignified and agile seems on the equal time. The sporting impact is highlighted via the double twin-pipe exhaust gadget with a pipe diameter of eighty four millimetres and the one-piece wheels. Abt Sportsline's wheels type AR with diamond-machined floor and one of a kind trade system are already to be had in the sizes 20 or 22 inch with tyres 275/forty five R20 or 295/30 R22 Conti CrossContact. Another wheel option is the 22-inch SP-wheel.

Abt Sportsline's adjustments meet all of the Q7's demands, no matter whether off-avenue, on motor ways or in the front of a luxury resort - the Abt Q7 is the perfect car for each possibility. Looks and era form a unified complete; the Abt Q7 does no longer only appearance husky, it simply is. Abt Sportsline's engineers succeeded in absolutely improving the innately powerful 3.Zero TDI electricity unit. The changed six cylinders V-engine now gives 272 HP rather than the same old 233 and an explosive torque of 580 Nm (preferred: 500 Nm).

Audi has been production cars with everlasting all-wheel force for 1 / 4 of a century and the Abt Q7 crowns this improvement. You may also sit up for this one-of-a-type SUV.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

2006 ABT Audi Allroad Quattro

2006 ABT Audi Allroad Quattro
2006 ABT Audi Allroad Quattro The Audi allroad quattro combines several motors on the identical time - mainly if it turned into tuned with the aid of Abt Sportsline.

Thanks to the Bavarians' incredible revel in in motor sports the stylish all-wheel power estate automobile turns into a real sports activities vehicle and confirms the "S" in SUV as the Abt engineers had been capable of develop various strength upgrades for the Diesel engines bringing about substantially greater electricity. Instead of the original a hundred and eighty HP (132 kW) the two.7-litre Turbo Diesel now plays 230 HP (169 kW) and the 3.0-litre TDI 272 HP (200 kW) as opposed to 233 HP (171 kW). The increase in electricity is in particular substantive when taking a observe the explosive torque of the "small" Diesel totalling 450 Nm and potent 550 Nm for the 3.Zero TDI. In evaluation to the original models those values suggest an growth of 70 respectively 100 Nm.

The greater portion of sportiness for the allroad harmonizes flawlessly with Abt Sportsline's wheel variety. The Abt wheels SP1 and AR19 are to be had inside the length 8.5x19 inch offset 50 with suitable tyres size 255/40 R19. 15 mm-spacer discs on every side complete the sporty seems. In addition, Abt Sportsline additionally gives the 20-inch wheels AR20 (9x20 inch offset 40) which might be a true eye catcher, mainly installed at the SUV with tyres size 265/30 ZR20. In order to round off the dynamical styling package for the all-wheel drive sports activities automobile Abt Sportsline has developed a completely dynamical rear spoiler. The wheels, spoiler and motor tuning guarantee even greater using pride with the many-sided car.

Monday, May 23, 2016

2005 ABT VW Polo

2005 ABT VW Polo
2005 ABT VW Polo "There is not any want for compromises" is Volkswagen's slogan for the brand new Polo. Abt Sportsline, the main tuner for all VW fashions, has re-interpreted this message and developed a both sporty in addition to secure tuning programme for the brand new Polo.

Abt Sportsline has created an intensive aero dynamic bundle for the new VW Polo which accentuates its sporty layout. The newly designed front grill and front spoiler lip deliver the Polo a dynamic and elegant look. The rear wing does not handiest make the Polo appearance sportier however also presents multiplied down pressure on the rear axis.

Thanks to Abt Sportsline's recreation suspension springs, the new Polo is made even safer and sportier specifically. The modern-operating springs lower its body by way of 35 millimetres. Thus, making the Polo appearance more vibrant and granting best avenue retaining. However, the optimization of the riding dynamics is specifically extremely good. The vehicle responds far extra sensitive to steerage activities and is extra agile in coping with. At the same time the Abt springs lessen the vehicle's side tilt, as a result granting extra protection and wearing driving behaviour especially in fast corners or sudden shifts in route.

In addition the VW Polo is optically upgraded through the elegant and sportive Abt light alloy wheels kind Z. 17 inch is the biggest to be had length of the one-piece aluminium wheel within the classical 5-spoke layout. The convex spokes deliver the wheel a powerful and dynamical appearance.

Abt Sportsline's accessories for the brand new VW Polo do no longer only make the auto safer but sportier in particular. Before lengthy Abt Sportsline could be imparting similarly merchandise along with strength improvements and sporty add-ons for the Polo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2005 ABT VW Passat

2005 ABT VW Passat
2005 ABT VW Passat The new VW Passat turned into designed to come to be the most cozy Passat ever. With this new luxurious class limousine Volkswagen is bound to set new requirements. The Bavarian business enterprise Abt Sportsline which enjoys an extended lifestyle is also following this philosophy. The main tuner for all makes of the VW-institution already has concrete thoughts what the brand new Abt-style VW Passat will appear like.

Before long Abt Sportsline could be imparting a discreet however although sporty-looking the front spoiler lip in addition to a rear spoiler for the VW Passat. When building the aerodynamic components, terrific importance turned into attached to growing harmonious optical traits. The result is a sporty however no longer obvious appearance.

Additionally Abt Sportsline may be presenting the five-spoke mild alloy wheel SP for the brand new Passat. The one-piece forged aluminium wheel highlights the sporty and fashionable look of the Abt model.

Moreover, a complete Abt Sportsline suspension package is currently being advanced. Besides decreasing the automobile, the goal is to growth riding dynamics, as properly. When it comes to matching work, the Abt engineers maintain their recognition at the balance among sportiness and near-to-manufacturing ordinary comfort.