Friday, September 2, 2016

2008 ABT Audi R8

2008 ABT Audi R8
2008 ABT Audi R8 There are automobiles and dream automobiles. The latter includes Lamborghini's Gallardo, Ferrari's F430 or Porsche's 911 Turbo. These automobiles make your coronary heart beat quicker and show the perfected magic of speed at the roads. Abt Sportsline's R8 will also be among these awesome incredible sports activities motors and is getting ready to overtake them inside the status duel.

The layout research already display the first impressions of Abt's sportiest introduction - and prove that the Kempten-based totally tuner manages to ideal an wonderful serial model like the R8 to element and accentuate its racing genes already inside the drawing. The the front of the Bavarian R8 shows the marked Abt face. Together with the particular and exquisite rear with its 4 inclined arranged exhaust give up pipes, the rear diffuser and the extravagant rear wing, the the front of the Abt R8 is part of an overall idea that brings about phenomenal roadholding. The add-on elements of the great sports cars from the Allgäu-region improve downforce and make certain ideal balance of the front and rear axis. This is mainly first rate in pace stages reserved for only some vehicles. The sideblades which have been evolved mainly for the Abt R8 and the Abt facet skirts provide the Abt R8 a new and man or woman layout except aerodynamical blessings. The aerodynamically efficient Abt body kit, which additionally consists of carbon-fibre parts, is a real eye catcher however additionally indicates the contemporary Bavarian precision work. With the imaginitive production, which also consists of a carbon-fibre bonnet, no longer simplest a maximum discount in weight is executed but it additionally guarantees optimized weight distribution of the Abt R8 - the pure presence of the version athlete already suggests this.

Technology and layout milestones do not simplest come from Maranello or Sant'Agata-Bolognese however also from Kempten. The Abt R8 might be a gorgeous dream automobile with the genes of a top-class race automobile. This special vehicle will belong to one of the quickest some of the fastest; the Abt R8 may also task the Lamborghinis and Porsches. With regards to the anticipated performance information the Bavarians are historically discreet. But this statistics already amazes sports activities car fanatics and makes them want to spur the hot-blooded Bavarian horses. 530 HP (390 kW) are to be drawn from the 4.2 litre-V8 thanks to the Abt supercharger. Compared with the serial version which already indicates impressive performance records this means an increase of a hundred and ten HP (81 kW). The ultra-modern Abt 20-inch BR wheels stylishly switch this strength onto the asphalt. The all-wheel-power dream automobile speeds up from zero to one hundred km/h in only 3.9 seconds and reaches a top velocity of 317 km/h. These values are synonymous with magic and this super high-quality sports car desperately wants to be driven. By way of the Abt suspension that's adjustable in height, pressure and rebound, the overall performance and driving consolation of the extremely good sports activities car may be tailored flawlessly to the requirements of its driving force.

A dream car is becoming truth: In autumn the pinnacle-magnificence sports activities motors will have a new challenger as this is while the almost unrivalled speedy and uniquely stunning Abt R8 will become available.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

2008 ABT Audi AS5

2008 ABT Audi AS5
2008 ABT Audi AS5 The new Audi A5 combines a sporty and an unobtrusive design to a effective, stylish and individual look. "A uniquely stunning automobile and for that reason a actual mission for us," says Hans-Jürgen Abt. The handling director of Abt Sportsline raved approximately the new Coupe from Ingolstadt, but he emphasizes that "our designers and engineers have been able to enhance the exceptional base model even greater". The man or woman of the noble sportscar nevertheless continues but after getting a unique remedy within the Allgaeu it seems greater dynamical. The frame package, specifically tailor-made for the Abt AS5, is a outstanding package: a front skirt with a grid element which emphasizes the singel-body grill and the fog lighting fixtures, the marginally curved, laterally hooked up frame parts and the smooth gill-shaped air-inlets, as well as the properly-proportioned rear. With the unobtrusive however hanging rear spoiler and the rear skirt inset in diffuser optics, the design of the Abt AS5 is gracefully rounded off. The four-pipe rear muffler is perfectly becoming and moreover recontoures the rear view. Needless to mention that the car sounds as a actual Abt vehicle must.

Even whilst standing still, the Abt AS5 is a sensual car, which eagerly desires to be driven. And when it's far allowed to head on the street, it indicates how tons sports spirit it has. First of all, the 3.Zero TDI engine gets a sizable "strength remedy". The extraordinarily powerful, self-igniting engine flawlessly suits to the A5 and, further, offers moderate consumption values. By method of progressed motor control, Abt turns the serial 240 hp (176 kW) into effective 272 hp (200 kW). With an additional Abt rapid charger, the strength even will increase to 300 nicely feeded horses. Diesel and sportiness belong collectively because lengthy. Certainly, Abt Sportsline will successively adjust later developed A5 engines.

To make sure a super managing of the noble strength package, Abt additionally makes use of its adjustable sports suspension, besides the serial Quattro engine. All the extra, the Abt AS5 could be introduced to a standstill through the Abt brake system with a disc diameter of 380 millimeters.

To flawlessly round off the successful optics package, Abt Sportsline recommends the AR wheel, that is available for the A5 inside the sizes from 18 to 20 inch, of direction collectively with suitable recreation tyres. Wheels, body additives and technical modifications construct a whole unit: a notable Coupe at its satisfactory. Not greater and now not less.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

2007 ABT Audi TT

2007 ABT Audi TT
2007 ABT Audi TT With the Abt TT-R Abt Sportsline celebrated the most first-rate motor recreation victories within the season 2002. Hardly everyone changed into capable of beat the Abt TT-R. In 9 of the ten DTM races at least one of the Abt pilots clinched a podium function, and on the cease Laurent Aiello gained the DTM championship in the yellow Abt TT-R. Therefore it's far no surprise that the Abt group from Kempten has a unique relationship with "their" TT and it is a lucky coincidence that the second model of this sporty Audi version simply seems available on the market while the family corporation celebrates its a hundred and tenth corporation anniversary. At the equal time, this happenstance approach a project for Abt Sportsline - a project the group from Kempten meets through enhancing this remarkable sports activities car.

The new Audi TT is a model which already combines clarity and shape with present day technology in the serial car and therefore gives maximum riding pleasure. "This is the exceptional precondition we will imagine to best a car," explains Hans-Jürgen Abt, coping with director of Abt Sportsline - and provides convincing records:

The masterpiece inside the new Abt TT version variety is the Abt TT-R equipped with a VR6 3.2 ltr. Engine and a overall performance of 355 HP (262 kW). This excellent sports activities automobile offers real racing adventure for the roads. The Abt TT-R accelerates from standstill to one hundred km/h in five.1 seconds in comparison to the serial model that takes 5.Nine seconds.

In connection with the Abt TT-Sport fashions, the Bavarian crew has also exceptionally boosted the energy of the VR6 three.2 ltr. And 2.0 T-FSI engines . The Abt supercharger package and modifications of the motor management ensure that the three.2 ltr. 6-cylinder engine now plays 310 HP (228 kW) as opposed to the serial 250 HP (184 kW). The Abt engineers additionally did a very good process with the 2.0 TFSI engine. They upgraded the serial energy of 2 hundred HP (147 kW) to 270 HP (199 kW) with a maximum torque of 350 Nm (serial 280 Nm).

For the brand new 2-litre TT Abt also gives its modern intelligentSport-era. Specific changes of the motor control allow the Abt TT-iS to be fuelled with popular, excellent or superplus gasoline. The performance increases to as lots as 240 HP (177 kW) relying on the fuel excellent. More energy - much less thirst. With an additional Abt gearbox modification the fuel intake of the Abt TT-iS may be decreased by means of up to 4 litres.

Besides the power boost, the changed layout of the Abt TT models changed into one of the most crucial factors. In this connection Abt Sportsline has advanced unique frame styling components that make the TT a actual eye-catcher speaking electricity and dynamics. With an included grille detail, the front skirt emphasizes the place around the fog lighting fixtures and single-body grille in order that the face of the Abt TT turns into even more aggressive and marked. The lateral frame styling elements continue the dynamical frame language and lead at once to the extravagant rear with rear skirt inset and rear wing. In contrast to the filigree serial element the Abt rear wing can not be folded however is a part that is firmly integrated into hatchback. The end result isn't simplest a racier design; it also brings about greater downforce. The four-pipe rear muffler is the of completion that perfectly harmonizes with the black rear skirt inset and rear diffuser. To round off the striking ordinary optical design, Abt Sportsline recommends the nineteen-inch wheels AR19 and SP1 with tyres sized 255/35 ZR 19.

What is more, Abt has additionally covered a special suspension kit and suspension springs in its product range as a way to meet the demands of the power improve and modified design.

The new Abt TT with its splendid riding overall performance and frame styling has the whole thing a winner wishes.

Abt TT engine models:

  • VR6 three.2 K - 355 HP (262 kW) - Abt TT-R
  • VR6 3.2 K - 310 HP (228 kW) - Abt TT-Sport
  • 2.Zero T-FSI - 270 HP (199 kW) - Abt TT-Sport
  • 2.0 T-FSI - 240 HP (177 kW) - Abt TT-iS

Thursday, June 16, 2016

2006 ABT Audi Q7

2006 ABT Audi Q7
2006 ABT Audi Q7 Abt Sportsline's presentation of the tuned version of the Audi Q7 coincides with the income release of the multifunctional sports activities vehicle from Ingolstadt

Combined revel in: For 25 years Audi has been manufacturing all-wheel pushed automobiles and the successful Kempten-based totally company Abt Sportsline has been upgrading vehicles for simply as long. In the Abt Q7 the know-how of both groups is blended in a automobile that meets highest demands.

It is extra than an insignificant successor of the legendary Quattro: The Audi Q7 is the appropriate car for every possibility, because it not most effective is appropriate for all terrains, however a convincingly comfy automobile for travelling lengthy journeys on the identical time. Since the Q7 innately is a real all-rounder, it proves to be an ideal tuning version. Once once more Audi materials the precise foundation for Abt Sportsline's professionals. The vehicle was optically and technically upgraded without converting its feature features.

At first glance the Abt Q7 seems brawnier than its unique counterpart which is specially because of the fender extensions lending the vehicle a extra effective look. You can tell that it without difficulty masters difficult terrains. The rear wing completes its harmonious appearance and ensures that the Abt Q7 in no way loses wheel grip. By approach of a -colored contrasting paint in white aluminium on the marked front skirt, the elegant rear skirt and facet skirts, the Abt SUV well-knownshows itself as an distinctive cruiser. The car aspects are eye-catching due to the lateral white aluminium insets which provide the Abt Q7 unmistakeable functions and dignified and agile seems on the equal time. The sporting impact is highlighted via the double twin-pipe exhaust gadget with a pipe diameter of eighty four millimetres and the one-piece wheels. Abt Sportsline's wheels type AR with diamond-machined floor and one of a kind trade system are already to be had in the sizes 20 or 22 inch with tyres 275/forty five R20 or 295/30 R22 Conti CrossContact. Another wheel option is the 22-inch SP-wheel.

Abt Sportsline's adjustments meet all of the Q7's demands, no matter whether off-avenue, on motor ways or in the front of a luxury resort - the Abt Q7 is the perfect car for each possibility. Looks and era form a unified complete; the Abt Q7 does no longer only appearance husky, it simply is. Abt Sportsline's engineers succeeded in absolutely improving the innately powerful 3.Zero TDI electricity unit. The changed six cylinders V-engine now gives 272 HP rather than the same old 233 and an explosive torque of 580 Nm (preferred: 500 Nm).

Audi has been production cars with everlasting all-wheel force for 1 / 4 of a century and the Abt Q7 crowns this improvement. You may also sit up for this one-of-a-type SUV.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

2006 ABT Audi Allroad Quattro

2006 ABT Audi Allroad Quattro
2006 ABT Audi Allroad Quattro The Audi allroad quattro combines several motors on the identical time - mainly if it turned into tuned with the aid of Abt Sportsline.

Thanks to the Bavarians' incredible revel in in motor sports the stylish all-wheel power estate automobile turns into a real sports activities vehicle and confirms the "S" in SUV as the Abt engineers had been capable of develop various strength upgrades for the Diesel engines bringing about substantially greater electricity. Instead of the original a hundred and eighty HP (132 kW) the two.7-litre Turbo Diesel now plays 230 HP (169 kW) and the 3.0-litre TDI 272 HP (200 kW) as opposed to 233 HP (171 kW). The increase in electricity is in particular substantive when taking a observe the explosive torque of the "small" Diesel totalling 450 Nm and potent 550 Nm for the 3.Zero TDI. In evaluation to the original models those values suggest an growth of 70 respectively 100 Nm.

The greater portion of sportiness for the allroad harmonizes flawlessly with Abt Sportsline's wheel variety. The Abt wheels SP1 and AR19 are to be had inside the length 8.5x19 inch offset 50 with suitable tyres size 255/40 R19. 15 mm-spacer discs on every side complete the sporty seems. In addition, Abt Sportsline additionally gives the 20-inch wheels AR20 (9x20 inch offset 40) which might be a true eye catcher, mainly installed at the SUV with tyres size 265/30 ZR20. In order to round off the dynamical styling package for the all-wheel drive sports activities automobile Abt Sportsline has developed a completely dynamical rear spoiler. The wheels, spoiler and motor tuning guarantee even greater using pride with the many-sided car.

Monday, May 23, 2016

2005 ABT VW Polo

2005 ABT VW Polo
2005 ABT VW Polo "There is not any want for compromises" is Volkswagen's slogan for the brand new Polo. Abt Sportsline, the main tuner for all VW fashions, has re-interpreted this message and developed a both sporty in addition to secure tuning programme for the brand new Polo.

Abt Sportsline has created an intensive aero dynamic bundle for the new VW Polo which accentuates its sporty layout. The newly designed front grill and front spoiler lip deliver the Polo a dynamic and elegant look. The rear wing does not handiest make the Polo appearance sportier however also presents multiplied down pressure on the rear axis.

Thanks to Abt Sportsline's recreation suspension springs, the new Polo is made even safer and sportier specifically. The modern-operating springs lower its body by way of 35 millimetres. Thus, making the Polo appearance more vibrant and granting best avenue retaining. However, the optimization of the riding dynamics is specifically extremely good. The vehicle responds far extra sensitive to steerage activities and is extra agile in coping with. At the same time the Abt springs lessen the vehicle's side tilt, as a result granting extra protection and wearing driving behaviour especially in fast corners or sudden shifts in route.

In addition the VW Polo is optically upgraded through the elegant and sportive Abt light alloy wheels kind Z. 17 inch is the biggest to be had length of the one-piece aluminium wheel within the classical 5-spoke layout. The convex spokes deliver the wheel a powerful and dynamical appearance.

Abt Sportsline's accessories for the brand new VW Polo do no longer only make the auto safer but sportier in particular. Before lengthy Abt Sportsline could be imparting similarly merchandise along with strength improvements and sporty add-ons for the Polo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

2005 ABT VW Passat

2005 ABT VW Passat
2005 ABT VW Passat The new VW Passat turned into designed to come to be the most cozy Passat ever. With this new luxurious class limousine Volkswagen is bound to set new requirements. The Bavarian business enterprise Abt Sportsline which enjoys an extended lifestyle is also following this philosophy. The main tuner for all makes of the VW-institution already has concrete thoughts what the brand new Abt-style VW Passat will appear like.

Before long Abt Sportsline could be imparting a discreet however although sporty-looking the front spoiler lip in addition to a rear spoiler for the VW Passat. When building the aerodynamic components, terrific importance turned into attached to growing harmonious optical traits. The result is a sporty however no longer obvious appearance.

Additionally Abt Sportsline may be presenting the five-spoke mild alloy wheel SP for the brand new Passat. The one-piece forged aluminium wheel highlights the sporty and fashionable look of the Abt model.

Moreover, a complete Abt Sportsline suspension package is currently being advanced. Besides decreasing the automobile, the goal is to growth riding dynamics, as properly. When it comes to matching work, the Abt engineers maintain their recognition at the balance among sportiness and near-to-manufacturing ordinary comfort.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

2005 ABT VW Golf GTI

2005 ABT VW Golf GTI
2005 ABT VW Golf GTI According to the advertisements, the brand new Golf GTI is made for men who have been tough guys all alongside. Abt Sportsline has taken the VW slogan to coronary heart and has transformed the cult object from Wolfsburg right into a automobile for real men: The talk is about the Abt Sportsline Golf GTI with 230 hp.

The GTI from Kempten is a real sports vehicle, following the authentic's way of life. The outward look of the Abt GTI gives away the name of the game that the version from Kempten is not an each day GTI. The optics changed into tailored to the power with big aerodynamic additives. The body kit of the German tuner contains a the front spoiler lip and carbon lip, a bonnet fabricated from carbon fibre, side skirts in addition to a rear skirt and rear muffler with 4 chrome end pipes. No want to mention that the GTI from Kempten is a toy for tough men handiest.

It will become even greater apparent when taking a observe the strength dates. Under the muscular body of the Abt GTI, the astounding electricity of 230 HP (147 to 169 kW) and 310 Newton metres is waiting to hit the street. The engineers of Abt Sportsline have been capable of reap this strength upgrade of the two.0 TFSI energy unit by using enhancing the motor control. The end result is a plus of 30 HP and 30 Newton metres regarding the standard version. So it is now not unexpected that the pinnacle velocity climbs to 241 km/h and the sprint from zero to one hundred km/h is controlled in handiest 6.7 seconds.

Beside the optics and effective performance, the mainly tuned sport suspension kit by using Abt Sportsline guarantees sporty driving pleasure - on any kind of avenue. For, the peak adjustable suspension kit also can be adjusted in strain and rebound in line with individual necessities and operational vicinity. Beside the frame modifications, lowering the automobile of as much as fifty five millimetres additionally contributes to the sporty appearance of the Abt GTI, but but specifically the using dynamics is elevated extraordinarily. The sports activities automobile reacts more sensitive to steering activities and runs like on rails in tight corners.

The mild alloy wheel SP1 by means of Abt Sportsline, which has been offered numerous instances by car magazines, additionally guarantees most reliable grip on the roads. The one-piece wheel in classical five-spoke design within the measurement 8.5x19 inch underlines the sporty optic of Abt GTI and is ready with 225/35 R19 tyres of generation companion Dunlop.

In the indoors of the Abt Sportsline Golf GTI the special feeling for details will become apparent: the steerage wheel in addition to the crimson Recaro game seats and GTI floor mats are marked with the function Abt brand.

Abt Sportsline based in Kempten has changed the cult item Golf GTI right into a famous sports vehicle with surprising power and unmistakeable optics for actual tough men.

Friday, April 29, 2016

2005 ABT VW Golf

2005 ABT VW Golf
2005 ABT VW Golf The fourth era of the VW Golf is out there round the sector. This fantastic vendor from Wolfsburg changed into so successful that those within the car world now talk to the "Golf magnificence". Hence, it is natural that the professionals at Abt Sportsline gave unique interest to this million supplier.

Ten distinctive light alloy wheels are to be had for the Golf, ranging in size from the 7 x 15" single-piece forged model, to the luxurious 3-piece wheel inside the astounding eight x 17" layout. For those in search of something extra distinguished, the A24 model proves impossible to resist, with an 8.5 x 18" dimension. All wheels bring the function Abt layout with 5 spokes.

Complementing the great array of Abt wheels are six specific Abt engine tuning kits. For the 1.8-litre Turbo unit alone Abt gives 3 possibilities to add considerably extra power to the same old a hundred and fifty hp. Abt offers customers a ramification of electricity output levels: 193, 215, or even 235 hp. The tuning experts can also improve the output of the 1.Nine-litre TDI and the 1.6-litre gadgets.

Whether for the front, the rear, or the aspect, VW Golf proprietors will discover the Abt frame accessories useful and attractive. A the front grill carrying the Abt logo, a front spoiler aspect, aspect skirts, a rear wing and a rear apron offer a huge variety of beautiful packages.

Aluminium gear lever knobs, polished or anodized, Abt door pins, pedals or a footrest make contributions to the customizing of the indoors, in addition to floormats endorced with the Abt logo.

Pure sporty coping with traits is the main objective while the technicians set-up the Abt suspension. They paintings in near cooperation with Christian Abt, who not handiest heads Abt Sportsline's technical department, but secured the German Super Touring Championship in 1999. The champion considers full-size checking out and putting-up a real sports suspension as one of the special bonuses of his profession. Abt Sportsline gives a set of sports springs and a complete sports activities suspension. Both solutions decrease the body by way of 35 to forty millimetres.

Different exhaust systems, and a twin tail pipe, with seventy six millimetre tubes, entire the extensive Abt programme for the top supplier from Wolfsburg.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2005 ABT Audi AS4 Avant

2005 ABT Audi AS4 Avant
2005 ABT Audi AS4 Avant According to Audi, the new A4 Avant is some distance more than simply a pleasant station wagon. Though with the aid of announcing this, the car producer from Ingolstadt for sure did no longer suggest Abt Sportsline's version, the brand new Abt AS4 Avant confirms this assertion to 100 in keeping with cent all of the equal. But as a remember of fact there is lots extra to the version from Kempten than it just being a pleasant representative of its elegance. It is an elegant and sporty station wagon which in particular convinces with personal characteristics.

The Abt-engineers have advanced mainly tuned strength enhancements for the 1.9 TDI, the 2.0 TDI and the three.Zero TDI. Hence the energy of explosive a hundred and forty HP in the 1.9 TDI or even 170 HP within the 2.Zero TDI is waiting to be freed. After the Abt-strength upgrade the top model three.Zero TDI quattro possesses 252 HP and a torque of 505 Nm. This method a plus of 48 HP and fifty five Nm in comparison with the standard version. The Abt-engineers gained this extra energy by using modifying the motor control. Thus the 3.Zero TDI Abt-station wagon races from zero to 100 km/h in only 7.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of impressing 243 km/h. A electricity upgrade to 230 HP for the two.0T FSI model is currently being evolved.

The greater motor overall performance is transmitted onto the asphalt thru in particular tuned suspension kits. The progressively operating suspension springs or suspension package that is adjustable in peak, optimize the station wagon's riding dynamics and decrease the body through about forty millimetres. All these factors convert the Abt AS4 Avant into a true sports activities automobile.

In accordance with the riding performance, the AS4 Avant optically affords itself in a sporty and fashionable outfit, too. The unique aerodynamic body parts consisting of the shapely Abt-the front spoiler lip provide the station wagon a sporty and marked face. Broad side skirts skilfully underline the dynamic design of the same old model and make the AS4 Avant appear to be a real power package deal on the street. The rear quit sporting the rear wing demonstrates pure sportiness. The rear skirt with the four-pipe rear muffler bearing the Abt-emblem is a actual eye catcher. It is amazing that every one components nonetheless appearance noble and stylish in spite of their sporty functions.

For the sporty and stylish AS4 Avant Abt Sportsline gives diverse mild alloy wheels from 16 to 19 inch. The one-piece solid wheels within the classical five-spoke, 19 inch-design can be prepared with tyres within the length 235/35 R19 of era companions Dunlop or Continental.

The new Abt AS4 Avant surely is greater than just a pleasant station wagon. The fashionable aerodynamic frame parts and its powerful overall performance convert it into a noble sports vehicle.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

2004 ABT Audi AS6

2004 ABT Audi AS6
2004 ABT Audi AS6 Already after the first images, take a look at drives and impressions, one thing became clean: With the brand new A6 Audi has released a large hit. Concurrently to the presentation, Abt Sportsline indicates its thoughts for the new figurehead inside the luxurious elegance: More agile, greater dynamic and even greater pride to drive. Following the advertising and marketing slogan for the new A6 "Imaginative and attractive" - the creativeness of the most successful tuner for vehicles of the Audi and VW emblem, even goes a step similarly and offers the newcomer his very personal face.

The purpose of the A6 is without a doubt defined: Being carefully connected to its function version, the a success Audi A8 and likewise setting up itself as maximum sportive car in its elegance. Equipped with the sizeable optical package deal of Abt Sportsline, the AS6 already drives on the passing lane. "I am positive that the AS6 will quickly make its manner into the purchaser's hearts", says managing director Hans-Jurgen Abt. "For our engineers and designers the car with its sportive line is a primary magnificence version and a real eye catcher with only a few little conversions."

The traditionally extensive track with the perfectly suiting layout of the SP rims, as well as the Abt rear skirt inset, emphasize maximum rather the rear design of the Abt AS6. Four chromed Abt mufflers set a clean sign for the strength ability of this first rate vehicle. The Abt rear spoiler at the boot provides a more sportive appearance and mainly an accelerated down-force which results in improved using traits. Just like several frame add-on components by means of Abt Sportsline it's miles synthetic in top fine and is seamlessly included inside the contours of the usual vehicle.

Though being discreet, the focal point set on the the front spoiler lip is pretty person. This fashion maintains on the side of the body: Beside facet skirts which underline the dynamical design from the the front to the rear, Abt Sportsline additionally equips the AS6 with Abt game wheels SP1, measurement eight,5x19 or the fashions A25/A26 length 8,5 x 18, each with the classical 5-spoke-design. Complete wheel-units with the emblem companions Continental and Dunlop are immediately to be had on the nearby provider.

Abt Sportsline also achieves extra dynamics and strength beneath the bonnet of the AS6: with a sport suspension kit continuously variable in top or a primary strength improve for the 3 litre-Diesel engine with six cylinders for instance.

With the Abt AS6, Abt Sportsline over again has managed to give its very own thoughts simultaneously to the professional presentation of the usual car. Being one of the first tuners to offer the auto, surely is a end result of the close cooperation between Ingolstadt and Kempten which exists for many years. The great self belief has additionally been transferred to motor recreation at some stage in the years: With the comeback of Audi into the DTM, Abt Sportsline, as official works group, enters with 4 Audi A4 DTM and are the first to steer the four rings to the rostrum.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

2004 ABT Audi AS400

2004 ABT Audi AS400
2004 ABT Audi AS400 In the DTM, the Audi A4 of the Audi Sport Team Abt Sportsline right from the begin is a vehicle which has to be beaten. Now additionally competition on the street can have difficult times: With the brand new Abt AS400 Abt Sportsline is supplying one of the most effective and exclusive vehicles in its history. Four hundred HP (294 kW) potency, simply below 290 km/h pinnacle pace and an acceleration of in-credible 4.7 seconds from 0 to 100 - those are the pure statistics of the Abt AS400 that is ready with a 2,7 litre large V6-Bi-Turbo-engine.

"With the new AS400 we want to and could set new standards inside the area of high performance vehicles", says Managing Director Hans-Jurgen Abt. "The car is a mixture of the first rate foundation which Audi has provided with the usual model and the big technical expertise of Abt Sportsline when tuning and refining this basis." The Abt AS400 could be launched in the marketplace in a small series of 25 and besides its sportive attributes however maintains its suitability for daily use as a game station wagon.

Incorporated into the design of the new figurehead from Kempten is the complete revel in from many decades within the tuning business. Under the bonnet the 2.7 litre V6-Bi-Turbo-engine fulfils its ser-vices presenting a most torque of approximately 500 Newtonmeter. Via the everlasting all-wheel-pressure Quattro, the concentrated electricity of four hundred HP is transferred to all 4 wheels which might be geared up with 18 inch titanium colored Abt recreation wheels. The recreation brake device and the sport suspension kit are chargeable for safety and most reliable control on every street.

As for all Abt tuning initiatives, Christian Abt signs and symptoms himself chargeable for the improvement. For the technical Manager of Abt Sportsline and Audi works driver within the DTM, the AS400 is the spotlight of the year: "Normally no street vehicle is right sufficient for a race song. However the AS400 is a unique case: With the strength, acceleration and the sportive coping with you definitely have the feeling qualifying starts any minute. "

The sportiness also continues with the optics. With front grill, front spoiler and aspect skirts as well as rear skirt and rear wing the AS400 is given the unmistakable dynamic handwriting of Abt. The 4-pipe stainless-steel exhaust machine isn't only liable for the right sound appropriate to the electricity, but proves its Kempten beginning while trendy from the possibly most usually seen angle of the Abt AS400. Inside the line is accompanied with Abt entrance panels, instrument clusters (speedometer up to 320 km/h), aluminium pedals and foot rests as well as in addition info.

The Abt AS400 is available for 94.900,00 Euro (inclusive Value Added Tax) at Abt Sportsline in Kemp-ten or one of the more than 100 Abt partners in Germany. And for absolutely everyone who nevertheless has now not sufficient, Abt Sportsline offers a electricity improve to 450 HP (331 kW). Additionally an Abt sport brake gadget and Abt recreation wheels SP1 in 19 inch-length are to be had as non-obligatory system.

Friday, March 4, 2016

2004 ABT Audi AS3 Sportback

2004 ABT Audi AS3 Sportback
2004 ABT Audi AS3 Sportback Already at its first public look all through the DTM-season spotlight on the Norisring, the new Audi A3 Sportback brought on a furore: In a parade in the front of the completely occupied grand stands with more than a hundred.000 spectators, Audi provided its brand new toddler. Nearly on the equal time of the first rides of the sporty five-door, Abt Sportsline had already realized the first thoughts for un-derlining the inherently sporty beauty.

Athletics and using delight in a new dimension - these are the objectives Audi ambitions to acquire inside the premium compact elegance with the new consultant. This is in which Abt Sportsline ties up and supplies extra dynamics for the suspension package of the Sportback with in particular evolved Abt suspension springs. The springs effect a reducing of 35 to 40 millimetre and additionally provide an advanced, tighter and with it a extra sporty contact to the roads.

The Abt recreation wheels which the successful Audi tuner offers do no longer only stand for a more person optics, but additionally for a higher touch to the asphalt. Customers have the choice among the model Z6 within the measurement 8 x 18 inch and the provided sport wheel SP1 which sets a clear exclamation mark due to the scale of 8,5 x 19 inch. In not unusual they both have the Abt-ordinary high fine manufacturing and the unmistakable design of the organisation primarily based in Kempten.

Of course the matching sound is required with a lot optics. Abt Sportsline elements this with a rear muffler and two pipes made from first-class chrome steel. The Abt shift knob manufactured in leather-based and aluminium in addition to the Abt ground mat set hold the sporty line within the interior.

With springs, rear muffler and wheels Abt Sportsline best gives first thoughts for the Sportback. Al-equipped in practise are body parts and power upgrades for the 1.9 and 2.0 TDI-engines.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

2003 ABT VW Touareg

2003 ABT VW Touareg
2003 ABT VW Touareg With the Abt Touareg Abt Sportsline has dedicated itself to an all-terrain automobile for the primary time. Exactly  years ago the high-quality off-roader in Abt appearance celebrated its ultimate. In the intervening time the primary ideas have been found out into an in depth tuning programme together with electricity improve and body elements for the upper elegance all-rounder. The Abt Touareg VS10 conquers terrain and motor ways with greater than 370 HP, excessive exceptional suspension era below the frame shell und a charming optical package.

Basis for the engineers of Abt Sportsline become the ten-cylinder Diesel engine. In serial situation the power unit with a five litre ability already disposed of 230 kW (313 HP). After editing the electronic motor control the Abt Touareg speeds up from zero - one hundred km/h in just over seven seconds, speeds to 240 km/h and releases a power of 274 kW (373 HP). The torque will increase to great 860 Nm at 2000 rpm. At the same time the engine inherits a extensively improved response behaviour which in equal measures convinces on motor ways and terrain. Abt Sportsline offers a strength improve from 174 HP to 195 HP (128 kW to 143 kW) for the R5 TDI, the 3.Zero TDI electricity unit is boosted from 225 HP to 265 HP (one hundred sixty five to 195 kW). The Abt sport brake machine at the the front axis presents the essential safety with a lot energy.

Confessing fan of the Abt Touareg VS10 as an instance is RTL-moderator Sonja Zietlow. She read a check record about the sporty all-rounder and right now picked up the telephone and just a few weeks later turned into capable of respect her new Abt Touareg in Kempten. "It's the right automobile: appears great, has electricity and lots of space for my  puppies. And even an entire golf bag fits into the boot";, says Sonja Zietlow who has just come back from the Australian jungle and the TV display "I'm a celebrity - Get me out of right here".

Best technology - mainly the newly developed Abt Level Control (ALC) with which it's far feasible to combine perfect cross-country mobility and optically attractive reducing stands for this motto. During standstill a decreasing of up to 60 millimetres is possible and hence gives a really perfect optics. In order to attain an optimum balance between comfort and dynamics at the same time as driving, the vehicle is raised to a decreasing level of about 30 millimetres. Sporty ambitioned drivers can decrease the Touareg by way of a in addition 10 millimetres with the adjustment "Sport" and on the identical time a tighter damper set-up is provoked.

Great attention of the designers changed into put on the car frame shell of the so-called Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV). Beside the front grill, the front and rear skirt in addition to a discreet rear wing, additionally they evolved wheel arch extensions which even extra emphasize the dynamics of the Touareg. The final glance of the visitors lies on the Abt rear muffler with its four pipes.

Instead of the standard 18-inch wheels, Abt offers 19 and 22 inch recreation wheels. In Essen the Abt model of the Touareg is equipped with sport wheels in the length 10 x 22 inch inclusive ContiSportContact tyres.

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2006 Renault Thalia

2006 Renault Thalia
2006 Renault Thalia The Renault Clio is a supermini produced by means of the French automaker Renault. Originally launched in 1990, it's far currently in its 0.33 generation. The Clio has seen great vital and business achievement, being constantly one in every of Europe's pinnacle-selling motors given that its release, and it is basically credited with restoring Renault's recognition and stature after a difficult second half of of the Nineteen Eighties.

The Clio has been bought because the Renault Lutecia in Japan. A 4-door sedan become developed for sure markets where sedans are historically favored over hatchbacks and become offered under names Renault Clio Symbol, Renault Clio Sedan and Renault Thalia. It is also bought under the Nissan nameplate in a few Latin American markets because the Nissan Platina.

Clio (1990-1998)

The Clio become brought on the Paris Motor Show within the autumn of 1990 and started out income in France soon after, although income inside the rest of Europe did now not begin until March 1991. The Clio largely changed the Renault five (which continued to be built until 1996 as a budget alternative). The engine variety available at release covered 1.2 L and 1.Four L E-kind "Energy" fuel I4 engines (first visible within the R19) and 1.7 L and a 1.Nine L diesel (both primarily based at the F-kind unit) engines. The gasoline engines all acquired a gasoline injection gadget in location of carburettors in 1992, so as to agree to new pollutant emission guidelines.

A minor trim facelift happened after only a 12 months of being on sale. A new "clean" version of the Renault diamond badge (the previous "ribbed" badge become being phased out at the time) and a brand new the front seat layout were the simplest changes. The altered layout did not constitute a brand new 'phase'. In March 1994 the Phase 2 version turned into launched, with small updates to the outside and indoors of the Clio. Most substantive turned into the change in the front grille from two metal ribs to a unmarried colour-coded slat grille. The bump strips were made barely larger and rounder, and the automobile's trim degree badge was incorporated into the bump strips. The badges at the tailgate strip have been moved up onto the tailgate itself and the tailgate strip was given a carbon fibre appearance. The rear mild clusters have been given a barely greater rounded 'bubble' shape to them, giving the Clio a more modern appearance. The clusters, but, are physically interchangeable with Phase 1 clusters.

In 1996, with the advent of the Phase three 'facelift' Clio, the 1.2 L Energy engine became changed by using the 1149 cc D7F MPi (Multi Point Injection) 'DiET' engine, first used within the Renault Twingo; for some time also, variations were to be had with the older 1239 cc "Cléon" unit from the authentic Twingo. The cylinder head layout on the 1.4 L E-Types turned into additionally barely altered for the Phase three models in a bid for better fuel economic system. This resulted inside the engines generating slightly less energy than their earlier versions.

The Phase three Clios had a barely more substantive replace than the Phase 2's. The Phase 3 has one of a kind, extra rounded headlights, incorporating the turn sign within the unit with the headlight. The bonnet curved greater around the edges of the lighting. The tailgate included a third brake light and a new script "Clio" name badge, following the identical typeface as contemporary Renaults. Some mechanical improvements have been also made.

During 1991 a 1.8 L sixteen-valve engine generating 137 hp (also first visible inside the R19) capable of propelling the automobile to 125 mph turned into brought to the Clio engine variety. This was honestly known as 'Clio 16v'. As properly as having higher performance than a ordinary Clio, the 16v sported wider plastic the front bumpers, an offset bonnet vent, wider rear bumpers and uprated suspension and brakes, and coloration-coded the front mirrors and bumpers.

Renault additionally released a "heat-hatch" model of the Clio. It was aesthetically very much like the Clio RT, however with the addition of a a hundred and ten hp 1.Eight L eight-valve engine, side skirts and disc brakes on all wheels. This became badged as the 'RSi'.

The Clio turned into voted 1991 European Car of the Year, and the Clio right now have become certainly one of Europe's excellent-selling cars, as well as the first Renault to be always a few of the top-10 quality sellers in the United Kingdom. UK income have been helped by a famous tv advertising campaign by using Publicis shot in France, offering the two predominant characters of Nicole (played by means of Estelle Skornik, who mockingly was no longer French nor did she have a driving licence on the time) and Papa.

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2006 Renault Nepta Concept

2006 Renault Nepta Concept
2006 Renault Nepta Concept Renault is unveiling its new Nepta idea automobile, a four-seater cabriolet with fluid lines and a thoroughbred profile. The low-slung body form is an expression of beauty and motion, while the spacious and comfy indoors has all of the hallmarks of a top-cease version. Nepta is a dynamic 4-seater GT cabriolet, presenting overall performance on the wheel that is worth of a prestige sedan.

An appealing and dynamic cabriolet

This flowing, elegant 4-seater cabriolet is an expression of Renault's vision of riding delight.

The wave-formed side panels give an impression of fluidity and highlight Nepta's lengthy body shape; an effect this is similarly superior through the special anodic aluminium colour remedy at the decrease part of the body shell, the dust flaps and the front and rear spoilers.

The front end is simple but expressive. The LED headlights are made from 3 assemblies: the sunlight hours strolling lighting, the dipped and essential beam headlights and the steerage lighting. The headlights use a era based totally at the mirrored image and propagation of light. The mild beam from the primary headlights is reflected by using crystal-fashioned obvious blocks that are electronically managed for extra unique lighting. The amount and distribution of the light automatically adapts to the driving conditions. The rounded varieties of the front wings are better by the modern boomerang-shaped indicator lighting fixtures, placed on the pinnacle of the lighting fixtures units.

The lengthy and tapered rear end, which is punctuated via the crystals of the rear lighting fixtures, provides a in addition experience of movement to Nepta. The overhang is longer at the rear than on the the front, highlighting the automobile's appealing proportions and flowing line. Nepta is an echo of the golden age of car styling, even as last resolutely cutting-edge and revolutionary.

Nepta is a mixture of the dream car and the affection of pleasant mechanical engineering. The motor-pushed gull wing doorways open to reveal the indoors and the engine, that's elegantly housed in its compartment. The centrally positioned door hinges are protected via polished aluminium panels representing a shooting superstar that runs the overall period of the front bonnet, contributing to the impression of motion that the frame shell creates.

The doors are outfitted with digital obstacle detectors and an anti-pinch tool for more protection.

A luxuriously welcoming and roomy indoors

Nepta boasts all the functions found in prestige models with discreet era for greater on-board comfort.

The dashboard seems to be suspended, even as the extensions of the windscreen light up the pedal unit and make for a bright and clean riding station.

The rev counter and cone-shaped units are surrounded by means of leather trim. The design of the contraptions will pay tribute to cars of the past, at the same time as the aluminium treatment provides a modern touch. The mixture of analogue and virtual displays is a in addition expression of conventional cars and the contemporary era.

The air conditioning controls located at each stop of the dashboard can be independently adjusted by using each occupant and combine advanced era and ease of use.

The intuitive controls are stimulated with the aid of the Touch Design method. The centrally-established, rotary tools shift is straightforward and relaxed to use. The readily located multimedia records controls can be without difficulty reached, at the same time as the stalk switches and manage paddles hooked up on the guidance wheel are designed to fit the shape of the driver's hands.

The seats are constant, but the guidance wheel and the pedals can be adjusted by way of a motor-pushed mechanism to match the motive force's dimensions.

The dashboard features unique storage cubicles for glasses and different personal gadgets, at the same time as the imperative console also has a sliding cubby located among the rear seats.

The crimson leather upholstery creates an impression of continuity among the automobile interior and the engine compartment. Both bench seats are covered with leather adorned with revealed patterns. The 4 at ease seats are secured to the ground by aluminium struts paying homage to crusing boats.

DVD screens with folding protecting covers are set up inside the top sections of the backs of the front seats. The lower sections are decorated with fashionable leather-based netting that is good for storing magazines.

The rear passengers are protected in opposition to turbulence via the transparent air deflectors located between the the front and rear seats.

A powerplant designed for satisfaction

Nepta's longitudinally set up 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine is the embodiment of pleasure at the wheel. This 420hp powerplant takes simply four.Nine seconds to attain 100kph from a standing start. Coupled to the seven-velocity automatic gearbox with flick-shift controls hooked up on the guidance wheel, this direct injection petrol engine combines an remarkable drive with a good sized discount in gas consumption and CO2 emissions.

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2003 ABT VW Sporting Van T5

2003 ABT VW Sporting Van T5
2003 ABT VW Sporting Van T5 The T4 already became a income hit within the Volkswagen product range. Its successor, the Sporting Van, is similarly beneficial and strong as the bestseller. Already now, Abt Sportsline has developed a tuning programme that gives the van on top of that with lots of sportivity, power and dynamics. With nearly two hundred hp and a whole bodywork modification, the Abt Sporting Van seems set to attract a huge fan network quite soon. With this bundle, Abt Sportsline yet again is proving its versatility and underlines its function as the leading tuning corporation for vehicles from the Volkswagen Group.

Now who turned into talking about a business automobile? The 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine of the Abt Sporting Van gives you a hundred and forty four kW (195 hp) after a amendment of the electronic engine control in Kempten. After the chip-tuning, perfectioned by using Abt Sportsline with its revel in of many a long time, the torque has been increased to 450 Nm at 2500 rpm; zero-one hundred km/h in 11,five sec. And a V-max of 195 km/h. This puts an give up to issues with larger transports - pretty the contrary: with power from the Allgau, the Abt Sporting Van is likewise imparting sheer driving delight under any occasions.

But generation and strength are most effective one issue. Abt Sportsline has additionally been thinking about the optics: a whole amendment of the van consists of a new the front grille, a front spoiler lip in addition to Abt side skirts. At the rear, the designers from the Allgau have left their discreet, but unmistakable signature with a rear skirt and wing. The Abt exhaust silencer with four stainless steel pipes is rounding off the optic bundle.

Abt suspension springs, lowering the bodywork through 35 to 40 millimetres compared to the manufacturing model cater for stepped forward avenue conserving in addition to extra sporty and greater rigid driving traits. The line from the employer from Kempten keeps with the wheels: the Sporting Van has been geared up with the SP1 wheel within the length of eight.Five x 19 inch. The unmarried-piece sports wheel is marked by means of its wheel rim mattress inclining to the internal and the Abt emblem within the coronary heart.

The wheels were fitted with 255/forty R19 Continental tyres. Next to Dunlop, Continental is Abt Sportsline's tyre partner. A partnership that is going nicely beyond the sheer deliver of tyres.

Our importers will gladly offer you with rate facts regarding the Abt Sporting Van.

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2006 Renault Koleos Concept

2006 Renault Koleos Concept
2006 Renault Koleos Concept Renault has chosen to unveil Koleos Concept at the 2006 Paris Motor Show. This show car foreshadows a 4WD car that Renault is due to marketplace inside the first half of 2008. The Koleos Concept vehicle asserts its claim to the rugged and sporty international of 4WDs whilst offering the roominess and luxury of a crossover. It boasts a wide range of practical capabilities for each regular use and amusement.

To ensure most off- and on-street consolation, Koleos Concept is built on a brand new fourwheel power chassis and is powered by using a 2.0 dCi engine, both of which have been developed inside the framework of the Renault-Nissan Alliance. This 4 wheel drive is completely in its element in any conditions and is sure to supply real delight to its occupants some thing the street floor.

A 4 wheel drive with dynamic traces

Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show, the Koleos Concept show car foreshadows the form of Renault's destiny four wheel drive. Penned by way of Renault designers operating in collaboration with the Renault Samsung Motors Design Centre in Korea. The grey-blue body coloration emphasizes the high-tech experience of its volumes. The front end features LED headlamps, with additional lighting fixtures and signs housed inside the outside mirrors.

Koleos Concept functions dynamic proportions. The strip between the body facets and the roof reinforces the stance of the car. The glazed roof panel is topped by means of profiled aluminium roof bars, whilst the chunky wheel arches house 19-inch aluminium alloy wheels fitted with "idea pattern" tyres. The 200mm ground clearance and front and rear aluminium defensive skidplates verify that that is a car constructed for adventure. The steeply raked rear window further emphasizes Koleos Concept's dynamic feel. The layout of the car's rear asserts its identification in a protracted sweep that runs from the bottom of the rear screen and thru to the centre of the hatch. This smoothly curved, sleek black segment houses the Renault badge. Hinting on the automobile's dynamic powertrain, a dual exhaust tailpipe is included into the rear bumper.

Technology and travelling consolation

The aluminium door sill extensions which install while the doorways are open facilitate ingress. On settling into the cabin, occupants discover a sporty interior, all in a -tone shade scheme. The 4 unbiased seats, upholstered in beige leather, had been optimized to loose up space for occupants and their bags.

On the dashboard, the speedometer functions LED backlighting. The centre console is crafted from a transparent fabric and consists of the person controls for the climate manipulate system. A long list of system is included to decorate journeying consolation. The valuable part of the dashboard is given over to the navigation device, multimedia packages and specific facts beneficial for all-terrain motoring consisting of atmospheric stress, compass bearings, altitude and gradient. All this facts is displayed so that each one the cabin occupants can examine it easily. Controls are each intuitive and ergonomically designed - in step with the Touch Design philosophy advanced via Renault.

The cabin is brightly lit thanks to the panoramic glass roof panel. Koleos Concept offers all of the consolation and roominess of a modern-day city vehicle. Ample headroom and shoulder room permit Koleos Concept to seat four adults, some thing their physique. The numerous stowage cubicles inside the cabin take their cue from the sector of MPVs and increase from the ones in the floor, to below-seat drawers and the centre console cubby, no longer to mention the door bins.

A automobile that is ready for extensive-open spaces

Koleos Concept offers a complete variety of realistic capabilities for normal and enjoyment use. The splitopening tailgate makes the car easy to load and clean to access in cramped parking areas. The lower a part of the hatch is designed to permit  human beings to sit simply for picnics or for open-air activities throughout vacations or weekend tours.

The chassis comes with all the functions of an all-terrain car making it perfectly suited to this type entertainment use. Developed inside the framework of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, this state-of-the-art chassis has drawn at the all-wheel drive expertise of our Japanese companion. Whether running in -wheel or 4-wheel drive mode, it guarantees faultless traction and roadholding way to an electronically managed energetic coupler which distributes torque to the wheels as a feature of the level of grip to be had beneath each one.

Koleos Concept additionally boasts a wide range of driver aids. Some are designed for everyday motoring, like ABS, Emergency Brake Assist and ESP, even as others are precious all-terrain functions such as Hill Down Control (HDC) and Hill Start Assist (HSA).

Koleos Concept is powered by means of an engine that's simply at home on metropolis streets, highways and motorways as it's miles over difficult tracks where grip is at a top class. Its 2.0 dCi engine employs modern day diesel engine technology which includes piezoelectric injectors, 1,600-bar common rail injection and a variable geometry turbocharger.

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2006 Renault Espace

2006 Renault Espace
2006 Renault Espace For more than 20 years, Espace has stood out as the top-of-the-range MPV benchmark and segment leader. Faced with an increasingly competitive marketplace, New Espace today consolidates that status with a softer design which remains as expressive and modern as ever. A pleasure in every way, New Espace is available with the 2.0 dCi engine, best in class in terms of performance and driving pleasure, and available in two versions - 150hp (110kW) and 175hp (127kW), both of which are equipped with a particulate filter. With a new sixspeed automatic transmission for the 3.0 V6 diesel engine and a choice of four diesel and three petrol powerplants, New Espace features the most comprehensive range of engines in its segment. Versatile and functional, New Espace comes with optimized flexibility thanks to its automatically-attaching sliding rear seats. Meanwhile, the car's enhanced technological features serve both safety and efficiency, with the availability of bi-Xenon cornering lights and the latest-generation Carminat Navigation and Communication System. New Espace goes on sale from March 17.

Style and travelling comfort: added elegance and pleasure

New Espace has been lightly restyled with a shift to more elegant, modern lines. The new design of the grille and bumper softens the front, which also features new high-tech design halogen or bi-Xenon headlamps. The car is also available with an innovation never previously seen in this segment: bi-Xenon cornering lights which are optional with the Privilège and Initiale levels. A further distinctive sign of New Espace Initiale is the chrome trim that runs between the fog lamps to underline the classic elegance of the new design.

New Espace's rear lights have also evolved. When lit, they are reminiscent of LEDs and recall the lines of the front grille and headlamps.

New Espace's dynamic looks are reinforced by its new 16- and 17-inch Primastella wheels, while further refinement is provided by the design of the new 17-inch Novastella (Privilège level), 17-inch Aida (Initiale) and optional 18-inch Aria alloy wheels. Two new body colours have been added - Lumière Blue and Sahara Beige (exclusive to the Initiale level) - which takes the total number of body colours available for New Espace to 13.

New Espace has undergone changes on the inside too. The full range of interior colour schemes has been revised, with the emphasis on charcoal hues. Dark charcoal has been selected for the upper part of the dashboard and door trims, while the lower parts are trimmed in beige or light charcoal according to level. Discreet trims have also appeared on the dashboard and centre console according to trim level, making New Espace's interior even brighter and more welcoming than before while focusing on travelling comfort and quality.

Each trim level features a distinctive ambience. There are subdued dark charcoal tones for Authentique, a warming combination of charcoal and beige for Expression, a brighter, more distinguished elegance for Privilège and, finally, the topof-the-range Initiale which includes perforated Haircell leather upholstery and beechwood inlay. Apart from the very recently introduced Dynamique version and Alyum Plus limited edition, all New Espace upholsteries are new.

New Espace's top-of-the-range appointments continue with its all-new centre console and revised dashboard cowling which incorporates the new Carminat Navigation and Communication System (standard or optional according to level). Meanwhile, the cleanly sculpted dashboard harmonizes perfectly with the rest of the interior to form an environment where technology is discreetly integrated into the overall design. The dashboard is visible for all passengers and affords a clear display of the driver aid indications and other information. Finally, ergonomics of the centre console has been revised to include closed stowage space and the new navigation system's multimedia controls, which fall easily to hand.

New Espace, where technology serves driving pleasure

From the Privilège trim level up, New Espace also benefits from bi-Xenon cornering lights. This option is available for the very first time on a top-of-therange MPV and enhances comfort and safety by allowing the headlights to follow the line of the road ahead. This system provides twice as much light for practically half as much energy as conventional halogen lamps. In corners, it offers up to 90% additional lighting. The lamp modules are illuminated when the car starts up and begin to pivot from 7kph. At speeds in excess of 30kph, the beam lifts for improved visibility. This innovative lighting system ensures a reassuringly clear view of the road ahead, while the bi-Xenon lights offer a quality of light similar to that of daylight and ensure both the main- and dipped-beam functions.

New Espace is available with the new Carminat Navigation and Communication System, which combines voice synthesis with a three-dimensional view of the road. Information is displayed on a panoramic 7-inch screen built into the new upper dashboard design and comes with Bluetooth hands-free telephone controls and a dash-mounted CD/MP3-compatible player. The navigation system, which can display up to three different itineraries simultaneously, automatically zooms in on junctions on the approach to all changes of direction and takes real-time information relating to road and traffic conditions into account (according to country). Its highcapacity memory (information for up to 22 countries on a single DVD) and swift response make this one of the most powerful systems on the market. Drivers can make full use of the navigation system and telephone thanks to the voice recognition function and a single multimedia control without distracting their attention. Steering wheel-mounted remote controls also facilitate use of the audio system.

From the Authentique level up, New Espace is equipped with "Follow Me Home" lights which allow the driver to locate his or her vehicle or light up the way when leaving the car. Meanwhile, the boot is equipped with a new boot light which illuminates the load space and the area at the rear of the vehicle. Another optional aid on New Espace from the Expression level up is park assist, the ideal complement to the rear park assist function which is standard on all versions with the exception of Authentique. Electrically adjustable seats can be ordered together with electrochromic folding door mirrors that automatically memorize settings (Privilège level up).

The range of features that have long ensured the popularity and appeal of Espace has been extended to all trim levels: the Renault hands-free card, rear parking assist, parking brake assist, rain and light sensors, tyre pressure monitoring system, fuel flap with built-in cap, the Renault Anti-Intruder Device (RAID) and individual controls for the climate control system. For enhanced comfort and driveability, New Espace features the very latest technology. New Espace also comes with an optional built-in DVD player with two screens in the rear of the front headrests.

2003 ABT VW New Beetle Cabriolet

2003 ABT VW New Beetle Cabriolet
2003 ABT VW New Beetle Cabriolet Hardly any other car evokes such powerful and interesting recollections just like the VW Beetle. And there's hardly ever any other comeback in the car branch this is so popular and greeted with so much enthusiasm as that of the New Beetle. Abt Sportsline adds to its fascination - with numerous technical and optical functions for the fine-vendor. With the Abt New Beetle "traditional", the Kempten tuning corporation builds a bridge from yesteryear to today. And for carrying and ambitious Beetle fans, the brand new rally series from the motorsport family from Bavaria leaves no want unfulfilled.

Nostalgia has no vicinity as far as era is concerned. When it comes to power enhancement, most effective high-tech answers are implemented. The 2.0-litre engine gets a energy plus to ca. One hundred and five kW (143 hp) way to capability enhancement by means of 2 hundred cubic centimetres, a customized Abt crankshaft, special pistons, Abt camschafts, a cylinder head amendment, a mid-silencer, optimised air ducting as well as adjustments to the digital engine management. Abt understanding within the ECU subject ensures an growth within the 1.8-litre turbo-engine from a hundred and ten kW (a hundred and fifty hp) to 142 kW (193 hp). For the 1.9-litre TDI, Abt offers an increase from sixty six kW (90 hp) to eighty five kW (112 hp).

Abt additionally presents additional accessories for the New Beetle along with two varieties of again-silencers, an aluminium tools lever knob, aluminium pedals, chrome steel strolling boards, in addition to a fixed of floormats showing the Abt Sportsline logo. Aside from the brake package, Abt also offers metal-braided brake traces for the New Beetle. Additionally, a New Beetle owner can pick between 14 wheels, one in all them being the logo-new Z5 wheel (eight x 18") supplied at the IAA motor display.

For people with a penchant for nostalgia, the Kempten crew advanced parts for the Abt New Beetle "traditional" after taking a near take a look at antique picture documents. The group then created a astounding body package reflecting the unique Beetle in a inspiring manner, as an example with walking board sets, mudguard as well as a front and rear bumper. A front grill, chrome fog headlamp body, headlamp visor and the matching V-rims (7.Five x 17 inch) rounds off the New Beetle body package from the House of Abt.

A very unique example of the New Beetle prompted a sensation in German rallying: Together with herbal fuel provider Thyssengas, Abt enters a Beetle within the German Rally Challenge collection and the German Rally Championship. The highlight: The 230 hp model uses herbal fuel instead of conventional gas. The popular contender passed its dress rehearsal flawlessly as a path-opening automobile at the Deutschland Rally. It also accumulated masses of trophies already. With this, Abt Sportsline confirms that the enterprise motto "from the racetrack to the road" is more than only a saying. The spectacular variety for the Rally Beetle, inclusive of roll-cage and additional headlights, can be ordered one at a time or as a entire package.

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2006 Renault Clio Sport

2006 Renault Clio Sport
2006 Renault Clio Sport The venture faced through Renault Sport Technologies' engineers when first penning New Renault Clio Sport changed into to appreciate the original persona of Clio III at the same time as at the equal time highlighting the newcomer's own intrinsic traits and dynamism. The end result is an first rate car which puts the accent firmly on performance, ardour and using pride.

New Renault Clio Sport stands out as a worthy successor to Renault Clio Sport 2.Zero 16V and features a groundbreaking first in its segment within the form of a rear air diffuser which makes use of era derived without delay from Formula 1. In association with the extractor vents within the front wings, it guarantees first rate aerodynamic performance.

Sportier than ever, New Renault Clio Sport is powered with the aid of an evolution of the normally-aspirated 2.0 16V engine, the strength of which has been increased to 197hp. This is equivalent to 100hp/litre, making it the highest unique electricity output of its class. This has been achieved partly thanks to an growth in its volumetric performance which has not most effective improved engine electricity but has additionally taken torque to a nice-in-elegance 215Nm at five,550rpm.
Coupled with the brand new six-velocity gearbox, this effective, responsive engine offers nice sports performance and driving pride. The double-axis strut gadget guarantees carefully precise handling.
New Renault Clio Sport is built at Renault's Dieppe plant, which specializes within the production of the brand's sports fashions.

Styling changes

New Renault Clio Sport capabilities specific bodywork, together with large the front wings (+42mm) designed to residence the wider music and generously-dimensioned tyres, even as the extra 28mm left and right at the rear have induced a particular facet layout. The general Clio III floor - which includes a nicely for the spare wheel - has been changed by way of a flat panel designed to loose up area for the exhaust silencer and dual-rear tailpipes. Meanwhile, the spare wheel has been changed via  tyre repair aerosols.

Recaro bucket seats

From the summer season of 2006, New Renault Clio Sport may be available with non-obligatory bucket seats designed and developed in association with world-renowned Recaro. Perfectly in line with the automobile's sporty interior atmosphere, they're trimmed with "Entresol" upholstery in harmony with the rear bench seat. In addition to housing lateral airbags, these seats feature a inflexible, polyamide and fibreglass-injected shell for the sort of all-enveloping revel in generally related to opposition driving. The seatbelt slots and integrated headrest add the final, exceptional sports contact.